Welcome to kenbray3.x10.mx, this is my personal site that includes current and previous projects I've worked on.

Current Works

Hop on over to www.MichelleRad.com and check out the latest site I've been working on.

Past Works

My collaborations with Tule Fog Productions (The Battalion, The Series) on updating and maintaining their Marketing Site Battalion Marketing (www.BattalionMarketing.com), built off the Drupal 7 platform and utilizing some CSS tricks for the overall layout. If you aren't following "The Battalion" you should (www.thebattalion.tv)

Another project I've been working on is Jim's Jarhead Jerky (www.JimsJarheadJerky.com) utilizing Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce. It's a nice clean site and I'm honored to have built them a web presence to help sell their products.

New Holland Meats is a site I run continuous updates on, mostly just to keep all of the Drupal Modules up-to-date and functioning. They offer really great beef jerky products and if you are in the New Holland, PA area check them out. You can find them on www.NewHollandMeats.com

Pony Express Foods is also another website built from Drupal - well at least their online store is - utilizing Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce along with a few CSS tricks. Pony Express Foods can be found www.ponyexpressfoods.com

Some other previous works include: my family's construction company's website; a website that sells organic dog treats; a popular EMS web-based series (by Tule Fog Productions).

Get Paid for Surveys?

Sounds like a scam right? Actually, it works, it's not a ton of money, but a few bucks here and there isn't bad. The surveys are tailored to you and typically, take only 5-10 mins to complete. I've been sent some cool products not on the market to try and provide feedback - all in all, it's been pretty cool. Interested? Sign-up HERE

Getting Paid for Surveys

Seriously, I see these all of the time, and a lot of the time it's a complete waste. You spend a good 30 minutes filling out surveys only to be told you don't meet the requirements. Let's face it, you aren't going to get rich off these type of things, but if you find the RIGHT online survey company, the rewards are pretty sweet. That's where I found Survey Savvy, signed up and started filling out my profile and realized, they have it right.

Survey Savvy

These guys are 100% legit, and I have been fortunate to be a member with their group for many years now. As I said early, you aren't going to make a ton of money doing this - but a few extra bucks here and there is better than nothing. Also, like I've mentioned before, some of the surveys you receive are about new products not on the market and can lead to testing products and providing feedback. Remember Senseo? The Coffee Pod, single-serve, coffee machine? One survey I completed lead to product testing and we were sent two (2) Senseo machines (by accident) and about two months worth of coffee. I also completed survey's regarding person hygiene products and tested out various deodorants and body sprays, as well as soaps and shampoos.

**Throw in a little disclaimer** I'm not saying your experience will be the same as mine, but it's been interesting to at least give it a shot.

Anyway, if you Sign-up fill out your profile information and agree to participate in a few test applications you can earn $60 off the bat. You can do as many or as little surveys as you wish and cash out as long as there is at least $1 in your account.

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