Welcome to kenbray3.x10.mx, this is my personal site that includes current and previous projects I've worked on.

Current Works

Hop on over to www.MichelleRad.com and check out the latest site I've been working on.

Past Works

My collaborations with Tule Fog Productions (The Battalion, The Series) on updating and maintaining their Marketing Site Battalion Marketing (www.BattalionMarketing.com), built off the Drupal 7 platform and utilizing some CSS tricks for the overall layout. If you aren't following "The Battalion" you should (www.thebattalion.tv)

Another project I've been working on is Jim's Jarhead Jerky (www.JimsJarheadJerky.com) utilizing Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce. It's a nice clean site and I'm honored to have built them a web presence to help sell their products.

New Holland Meats is a site I run continuous updates on, mostly just to keep all of the Drupal Modules up-to-date and functioning. They offer really great beef jerky products and if you are in the New Holland, PA area check them out. You can find them on www.NewHollandMeats.com

Pony Express Foods is also another website built from Drupal - well at least their online store is - utilizing Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce along with a few CSS tricks. Pony Express Foods can be found www.ponyexpressfoods.com

Some other previous works include: my family's construction company's website; a website that sells organic dog treats; a popular EMS web-based series (by Tule Fog Productions).

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